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Shaking table

The shaking table is a kind of receiving equipment which is connected between the rail in the cage and the transport track in the yard when the mine c...

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Product Introduction

Introduction of cradle

The shaking table is a kind of receiving equipment which is connected between the rail in the cage and the transport track in the yard when the mine car and its personnel move up and down the tank in the cage in the shaft cage lifting system. The shaking table structure can meet the requirements of the feeding operation of the trolley. When the rocker arm lapping with the cage, the rocker tip is identical with the lining of the guide rail inside the cage, ensuring the lateral positioning is reliable, ensuring the basic rail inside and outside the tank, the slide way of the cart machine is not bad, so that the mining car, the cart machine smoothly in and out of the cage.

Product classification and selection

The classification and selection of the shaking table shall be carried out according to the following requirements:

● CY series shake table is divided into CYY series electrohydraulic shake table, CYQ series gas shake table and CYS series hand shake table according to the difference of power.

● According to the different track rules there are 600mm, 762mm, 900mm three specifications.

● According to the different height of adjustment of 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 700mm six specifications.

● The parameters of the tank shaking table are the same as the requirements.

The model classification is shown in the following table. For example, the electro-hydraulic power platform with the gauge of 600mm and the adjusted height of 400mm is CYY-6/4

How the platform works

The mining platform is a wiggly track with one end swinging around a fixed axis. The other end is connected with the rail lining at the edge of the cage after the cage is stopped. The platform side is connected with the track in the tank and the vehicle yard. Mine cradle to facilitate harvesters in and out of the cage. When shaking table is raised, CYS - 6/1.5 mine shaking table between the appearance of the most salient and cage adequate security clearance. Wave front end to a point, work with tank guide line overlap, shake pointed hinged on the rocker arm, is free to rotate a certain Angle, pointed tail has a counterweight, put up on the front of its often. After the shake table down due to accident, cage through the wave knocked pointed the downward spiral, safer and allow cage. Wave peak and the structure of the guide line to ensure the machine with the cage lap, lateral can reliable positioning, thus cage inside and outside the track not dislocation, avoid hair Accident of raw mining car falling road

Physical drawing of the shaking table