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All staff of Shandong Dongda Electrical and Mechanical E-commerce go to the factory to learn product knowledge

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On August 8, 2020, our company organized all employees of e-commerce to go to the factory to learn product knowledge. For many years, our company has been insisting on organizing the staff of e-commerce department to go to the factory to learn product knowledge on a regular basis every month, and truly combine theory with practice, so as to better understand the product and provide better services for customers.

This study is divided into two parts: one is the knowledge of electrical products; The second is the study of machinery products in dongda workshop. In the electrical workshop, under the leadership of electrical engineer Director Zhang, I have learned the lithium ion battery power supply for mine, pneumatic self-rescue device, intrinsically safe display screen for mine, controller for division control switch device, belt integrated protection device and various sensors and other products. Engineer Zhang not only explained the theoretical knowledge and working principle of the product in detail to everyone, but also demonstrated it to everyone on the ground. Finally, he also let the staff carry out the actual operation. After finishing the study, Engineer Zhang also explained the questions raised by everyone patiently and in detail.

In dongda workshop, Director Cheng led us to learn pneumatic diaphragm pump, centralized hydraulic station, vehicle block, operation system, damper, roller irrigation ear, various models and styles of coal feeder and its accessories. Factory director Cheng has been from the product material, composition, working principle and other aspects of the product in detail, we also put forward their own questions about the product and in the sales process of customers some questions, factory director Cheng answered everyone's questions one by one.

Shandong Dongda Machinery & Electronics co., LTD., as an old r&d and production manufacturer of mine mechanical & electrical products, has formed ten series and more than 40 kinds of products after years of hard development. Dongda pays attention to the input of science and technology, and insists on the independent research and development of products, and carries out cooperation with various universities and enterprises. Products adhere to independent production, the introduction of advanced production equipment and experience. Over the years, Shandong Dongda has won the trust of customers by virtue of its excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, occupying a place in the market.