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Shandong Dongda Electromechanical a batch of reciprocating coal feeder delivery

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On the morning of August 4, 2020, a batch of reciprocating coal feeders were loaded and ready for delivery in Dongda, Shandong. The reciprocating coal feeders delivered this time are independently developed and produced by our company, and are also one of our best-selling products. As an old manufacturer of mine mechanical and electrical products, our company enjoys a high market share, which is due to the excellent product quality and the reputation of customers.

Reciprocating coal feeder is suitable for the transfer of bulk materials in mines, mines, coal preparation plants, medium stations, coal transporting workshops, port bulk materials wharf, etc. It can transfer the bulk materials uniformly through the silo to the belt conveyor or other screening equipment and storage devices. Realize the uniform feeding of bulk materials such as ore, sand coal and grain. The feeding trough of this series of feeders is reciprocated in a straight line by a driving device through a crank connecting rod device. When the feed tank moves forward, the material will be removed by the action of inertia force and friction force. At this time, the material in the hopper will fall down, so that it cannot be discharged in the front. The transmission device of this series feeder is suspended, which can be directly arranged under the hopper for easy installation.

Shandong east electrical machinery co., LTD. Since its inception the science and technology, independent research and development as the development of the company, over the years, increasing the input of science and technology, actively introduce high-tech professionals, and the great strength of the enterprise to cooperate actively, actively and universities to strengthen cooperation, continuous learning advanced production experience and technology, through independent research and development production for many years, at present, the company now owns ten series, forty excess of varieties of products. Most of the products belong to our company's patent.

The quality of our products is excellent, the quality is too strong, has won the customer's praise and good public praise, here we warmly welcome customers from all walks of life friends to visit the factory field investigation, choose and buy products. At the same time, we also welcome friends from all walks of life to guide the factory work. Shandong Dongda is willing to work together with you to develop more good products to serve the society.