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Shandong Dongda Coal machine developed and produced by Shandong Dongda Electromechanical Co., LTD is sent to Liaoyuan, Jilin Province

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On the afternoon of July 31, 2020, workers in shandong Dongda Mechanical and Electrical production workshop were busy loading and delivering vehicles. The goods delivered this time were one of the best-selling products of our company, Jia Huai Coal machine. This batch of coal feeder is customized by jilin Liaoyuan customer, and it is also our company's old customer. As the main product of our company's independent research and development, The coal machine brought by A has been praised and loved by customers and friends for its excellent product quality since it came into the market.

Our company produces a coal machine power with motor cycloid needle wheel reducer, its compact structure, smooth operation, wide speed range, stepless speed can be achieved; Annular rubber belt transmission, complemented by to heave tight round ring rubber belt tension device can adjust the belt elasticity adjusting and running deviation degree, by continuous coal is realized by using the annular body with different K type reciprocating coal feeder one-way to coal, greatly improves the work efficiency, and link with the 16 mn alloy casting as the service life of equipment was improved and used nylon rods pin connection this structure has the very strong resistance to impact.

The coal machine produced by our company has the following characteristics:

1. Large feed amount, ranging from 200 to 4000t/h, stepless speed regulation, which can be continuously adjustable (manual or electric stepless speed regulation) according to specific working conditions;

2. The annular armored belt is a new type of steel core mesh conveyance belt, which is made of 16MN alloy or 45 # steel. Its structure is characterized by high weaving density, wear resistance, impact resistance, strong penetration resistance, good elasticity, etc., and has the functions of anti-deviation and anti-skid; It overcomes the fact that the old armour belt cabinet is easy to be filled with coal, which leads to the detachment of armour belt from the belt and the occurrence of slipping and belt breaking, which leads to high maintenance labor intensity and high cost. The inner lining belt adopts anti-deviation structure, and a trapezoidal bar is cast in the middle of the annular belt, which has strong anti-deviation function and greatly overcomes the previous problems of belt deviation.

3. During equipment maintenance, electro-hydraulic or manual plate gate can automatically cut off the coal flow in the warehouse;

4. Detachable connection is adopted between each component, which is light in weight, easy to install and maintain, and long in service life;

5. The joint of the new type of material machine brought by the new type of armour adopts special lap buckle, which does not need to be dismantled or installed as a whole. It overcomes the problem of heavy labor intensity, long time and influence on production of the old type of armour belt replacement;

6. It can replace vibration feeder, reciprocating feeder and old armour belt feeder, and the original installation foundation can be basically unchanged;

7. The speed regulation mode can adopt manual stepless speed change and frequency conversion speed regulation, which can realize the centralized control of field and remote, and facilitate the remote monitoring and speed regulation.

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