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Shandong Dongda Mechanical and Electrical coal delivery machine batch

Tag: Coal feeder

On the morning of August 21, 2020, a batch of qualified coal feeders were loaded and shipped in the production workshop of Dongda, Shandong province. This shipment is my independent research and development production, is my company's best-selling product - belt to coal machine. The quality of belt coal feeder produced by our company is guaranteed with large feeding quantity, which can meet the needs of production and has been applied in various domestic industries.

The coal feeder produced by our company can be adjusted without stopping according to the needs (manual adjustment or hydraulic cylinder adjustment), so that the coal feeder system can meet the requirements of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It is the replacement product of reciprocating coal feeder and vibration coal feeder. 1. Low operating power, low energy consumption and good economy; 2. Large and stable coal supply; 3. Dynamic adjustment, stepless speed regulation, convenient adjustment; 4. Stable operation, low noise and environmental protection; 5. Small wear and tear, small maintenance, long service life; 6. Parts are universal, easy to install and maintain; 7. It can replace the existing coal feeder of other types. It is these characteristics by customers and friends love and praise.

Our company manufacture and model of the coal feeder model is complete, a belt coal feeder, reciprocating coal feeder, chain coal feeder, weighing type coal feeder, coal feeder accessories production, can also be customized according to customer requirements, welcome general customers friends to inquire the choose and buy, at the same time also welcome friends from all walks of life to come to visit our factory.