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Shandong Dongda mechanical and Electrical pneumatic diaphragm pumps sent to Henan

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On November 6, 2020, a batch of qualified pneumatic diaphragm pumps were ready to be loaded and shipped to Henan in shandong Dongda Electromechanical production and manufacturing workshop. The pneumatic diaphragm pump produced by our company has been certified by the national safety standard with complete models and specifications. As one of the best-selling products of our company, it is deeply welcomed by our customers and friends.

Our company independently research pneumatic diaphragm pump, using and improving the world's most advanced pneumatic diaphragm pump production process and technology, can replace the traditional submersible pump, mud pump, impurity pump, flexible shaft pump. Pneumatic diaphragm pump as a new type of transport equipment, compressed air as a power source, for a variety of corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquid, can be pumped out. It can be used in coal mine, construction, chemical industry, food, papermaking, metallurgy, casting and other industries and fields.

The diaphragm pump produced by our company is small in size, light in weight and easy to move. The flow can be adjusted, the throttle valve can be installed at the outlet of the material to adjust the flow; It can absorb liquid containing particles. The fluid is transported in an extremely wide range, from low viscosity to high viscosity, from corrosive to viscous; High energy utilization rate, high working efficiency. Welcome customers and friends to inquire about the purchase, but also warmly welcome friends from all industries to visit the factory and guide the work.