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Shandong Dongda Mechanical and Electrical 44 air cannon loading vehicles shipped

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On the afternoon of October 30, 2020, 44 air cannons were ready to be loaded and shipped at the Dongda Electromechanical Production and manufacturing Workshop in Shandong province. The air cannon of this shipment is specially customized for the customer, and the color of the air cannon is painted blue upon the customer's request. In my opinion, the air cannon itself is long and cute, and the blue color is even more adorable.

Air gun, also known as arch breaker, air flow aid and clogging device, USES the aerodynamic principle to improve the fluidity of materials in the silo and solve the problem of silo clogging. I company produces the air cannon can be widely used in coal mine underground coal bunker, coal-fired power plants, coal, cement, concrete plant, foundry, chemical fertilizer plant, coking plant, gas plant, chemical plant, aluminium plant, alkali factory, steel works, mine, dock, foodstuff, grain, feed mills, boilers, pharmaceutical, and other important shipping bulk material industry.

Our company produces the air cannons have: air with high efficiency, simple installation, convenient maintenance, control, which can realize the automatic control or man-made control operation, long service life, fast release and strong wallop to unblock effect is remarkable, low noise, less than industrial noise standards, can replace with other types of broken GongQi, etc. Shandong Dongda mechanical and electrical industry at any time welcome friends call to consult the purchase and also welcome friends to visit the factory field investigation and guidance work.