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Shandong Dongda mechanical and electrical reciprocating coal feeder sent to Shanxi Changzhi

Tag: Reciprocating coal feeder

On May 27, 2021, the reciprocating coal feeder produced by Shandong Mine 'an was loaded and shipped to Liupanshui, Guizhou Province after passing the inspection in the workshop.

Reciprocating coal feeder is suitable for bulk material transfer in mines, mines, coal preparation plants, stations, coal conveying workshops, port bulk materials wharves, etc., which can be uniformly transferred to rubber belt machine or other screening equipment and storage devices through the silo. Realize the uniform feeding of ore, sand, coal, grain and other bulk materials. This series of feeder feeder trough is driven by a crank-connecting rod device for linear reciprocating motion. When the feed groove moves forward, the action of inertia force and friction force will remove the material, at this time the material in the hopper falls, so that it can not retreat and unload in the front end. This series feeder transmission device is suspension type, can be directly arranged under the hopper, easy to install.

Reciprocating coal feeder as shandong ore Ann a main selling product, has been favored by the masses of customers at home and abroad, our company manufacture reciprocating coal feeder has the uniformity and stability of feeding, quantificationally, adjustable height appearance, simple structure, convenient adjustment installation, reliable operation, long service life characteristics, market sales have been high, Customers throughout the country repeatedly additional order, the quality of products and services to give a high evaluation.

Our company produces the coal machine for many years, has the rich production experience, each kind of model coal machine and the coal machine accessories all can process the custom, welcomes the domestic and foreign general new old customer to visit.