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Shockproof valve

Shockwave resistant valve is used for underground explosion material storehouse and explosion material releasing chamber, which can resist shock wave,...

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Product Introduction

Use of shock wave valve products

Shockwave resistant valve is used for underground explosion material storehouse and explosion material releasing chamber, which can resist shock wave, adjust the air volume needed in storehouse and isolate.

Type, specification and technical parameters of shockproof valve

The anti-shock wave valve has a size of 900×1800 according to its opening, and has 2 specifications according to the different pressure, as shown in the following table:

The serial number
Pressure (KPa)
Model and Specification
Drawing no.
T86- FH1500/918
T86- FH2500/918

Shockwave valve product description

This shockwave resistant valve is designed by the Design Department of Xuzhou Mining Bureau, Ministry of Coal Industry. The product quality standard and test standard are strictly implemented as Q/WMS-3013-2006 Shockwave Resistant valve.

Main structure of shock wave valve products

The shockproof valve is composed of door frame, door fan, locking device, hinge page and other parts.

1. The door frame is a frame member with unequal edges Angle steel.

2. The upper part of the door leaf is equipped with three groups of ventilating valve devices, that is, there are three groups of 18 ventilation holes with a diameter of 122mm open in the bottom plate of the valve door, and the outside of the valve plate is equipped with a valve suspension plate with an automatic opening Angle of 12. The ventilation rate of each set of valves is 20003/h, the total ventilation rate is 60003/h, and the wind speed is designed according to 8m/s. During operation, the number of ventilation valve sets can be determined according to the air rate required by the downhole blasting material warehouse and the negative pressure value of the total return air duct, and the opening Angle of each set of valve suspension boards can be adjusted to make fine-tuning, so as to meet the optimal ventilation rate. In case of explosion in the warehouse, the shock wave is attenuated and the residual pressure is greater than 20KPa, the valve suspension plate is automatically closed within 3 ~ 8s under pressure to isolate itself from the outside world, preventing the flame and poisonous gas from explosion shock resistance and explosion from spreading to the external roadway and discharging from the total return air duct.

3. The locking device is provided with two groups, one of which is the locking shaft and handle rotary type commonly used for closing; The other group is the emergency locking device, whose function is when the impact force is greater than 294N, instantly, the door and the door frame are closed, the sealing ring is compressed, the lock head enters the lock heart, and the double spring is moved to brake the lock and prevent the door from bouncing back. Turn the handle of the outer key to remove the lock.

4. The lower hinge page is supported by one-way thrust ball bearing, and the middle hinge is provided with spring folding to ensure that the door closes automatically.

5. Sealing mode adopts "9" shape cross section rubber strip sealing.

Anti-shock wave valve product physical picture