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Shandong Dongda Electric machinery sends a batch of belt coal feeder to Shaanxi

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On the morning of November 20, 2020, the belt coal feeder independently developed and manufactured by Shandong Dongda Electromechanical Co., Ltd. was loaded and shipped in the Workshop of Dongda Zhineng Manufacturing Co., LTD. The coal feeder is hydraulic belt coal feeder, which is made according to customer's requirement. The styles and models of coal feeder produced by our company (a coal feeder, belt coal feeder, reciprocating coal feeder, chain coal feeder, weighing coal feeder, etc.) are all complete and have obtained the national coal safety certification, and have a high share in the market.

Coal feeder (feeder or feeder) is to transport coal or other materials research and manufacturing of automated conveyor equipment, our company produces the belt coal feeder has to large amount of coal and coal can be adjusted, smooth operation, the advantages of small volume, convenient installation and maintenance, is widely used in coal mining, coal, electric power and other industries and fields. The coal machine put into use, liberated a lot of labor productivity, reduced the cost of enterprise production; It improves the speed and efficiency of material transfer and increases the output value of enterprise production. Belt coal feeder can realize continuous and uninterrupted coal feeding. Users can adjust the coal amount according to their own needs without stopping the machine. There are mainly two kinds of adjustment modes: manual adjustment and hydraulic device adjustment.

As a professional entity manufacturer of coal feeder, our company has realized the upgrading and upgrading of coal feeder after years of research. From reciprocating coal feeder to belt coal feeder, to a coal feeder, to chain coal feeder and then to weighing coal feeder, all technologies and production processes are independent research. Obtained a number of invention patents, passed the examination of the national coal safety department, in line with the national standards and industry standards. If you want to improve the efficiency of material transfer, you should have a coal feeder; If you are not satisfied with your current coal feeder, you are more likely to have a Dongda coal feeder. All the staff of Dongda machinery &Electric co., LTD welcome friends from all walks of life to inquire and visit our factory.