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Shandong Dongda mechanical and electrical a batch of gear cart machine loading and delivery

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On the afternoon of September 23, 2020, the pin tooth cart machine produced by Shandong Dongda Electromechanical Company was loaded and shipped after passing the inspection in the workshop. Pin gear cart machine is a kind of cart equipment independently developed and produced by our company, which can push claw into the tank cart. It is widely used in the operation of cage wellhead and underground vehicle yard. It can be put into the tank to complete loading, unloading, matching, shifting and other operations, realizing the mechanization of wellhead operation cart.

My company as a professional mining equipment manufacturers, the production of the cart mainly has three different structures: chain cart machine, pin gear cart machine, rope cart machine (including rail rope cart machine). The above products have passed the examination of the relevant units of the state and obtained the relevant certificates of the state.

Choose the cart machine, it is necessary to choose shandong Dongda cart machine. The trolley made by our company has many advantages which are different from others:

1, a hydraulic station as the power source of the whole set of equipment, the previous pneumatic, electric or electric, electric hydraulic push rod mixed use into a single hydraulic drive.

2. The hydraulic station adopts double motor and double pump hydraulic source system, with one pump working and the other standby, making the system safe and reliable.

3. Drive the whole set of equipment with one motor, and when the equipment does not move, the motor is in the state of empty load operation, which saves power, reduces production and operation costs, and extends the life of the equipment.

4, the hydraulic cylinder as the power actuator of the equipment, so that the structure of the equipment can be more compact, soft action, small impact, easy maintenance.

5. The trolley is driven by the hydraulic motor with low speed and large torque, which does not need the deceleration mechanism. It is easy to install and arrange, which reduces the investment. Transmission system rotation inertia is small, can start full load, and do not need to stop when reversing.

6. Control the load and speed of the equipment by adjusting the system pressure and flow rate according to the actual situation on site, and have the function of overload automatic protection.

After decades of development, Shandong Dongda Electrical and Mechanical co., LTD has formed ten series and more than forty varieties of products, which can meet your needs for mine products. Here, the company warmly welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit the factory and guide the work. At the same time, we also welcome you to inquire about the purchase of products and field investigation.