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Shandong Dongda reciprocating coal feeder

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On the morning of September 1, 2020, the reciprocating coal feeder will be formally loaded and shipped after passing the final test in shandong Dongda Electromechanical production workshop. As a professional producer and manufacturer of coal feeder, coal feeder has been a hot - selling product of our company. This reciprocating coal machine is independently produced and manufactured by our factory. Since it entered the market, it has been recognized and praised by customers in various industries and fields.

With the development of The Times and the progress of science and technology, the traditional way of transferring materials can not meet the needs of enterprise development. Enterprises are in urgent need of new material transport equipment, reciprocating coal machine came into being. Reciprocating coal feeder is suitable for the transfer of bulk materials in mines, mines, coal preparation plants, medium stations, coal transporting workshops, port bulk materials docks, etc. It can transfer the bulk materials uniformly through the silo to the belt conveyor or other screening equipment and storage devices. Realize the uniform feeding of bulk materials such as ore, sand coal and grain. The feeding trough of this series of feeders is reciprocated in a straight line by a driving device through a crank connecting rod device.

The reciprocating coal feeder produced by our company has the advantages of uniform feeding, stable feeding, adjustable feeding quantity, small shape height, simple structure, convenient adjustment and installation, reliable work, long service life and so on, and occupies an important share in the market. At present, the coal feeder products independently developed and produced by our company have obtained the national mine product safety mark certificate, with guaranteed quality and perennial spot stock, and can also be customized according to the requirements of customers.

As an enterprise focusing on the production of mechanical and electrical products used in mines, the company always takes coal safety as its own responsibility to create safety products and eliminate hidden dangers of coal mines around the guiding ideology of national Coal Mine Safety Administration. Through the efforts of all the staff, the company now has ten series, more than 40 varieties of products. The company's best-selling products are: coal feeder, roller tank ear, pneumatic diaphragm pump, sports car protection device, mine USB power supply, belt conveyor integrated protection device, pressure air self-rescue device and other products, more products please go to the company's official website for enquiries. Here xiaobian also welcome friends from all walks of life to factory guidance visit and investigation.